Yoga in Motion Exhibition – Coming Soon

I have a student who came to me and said ‘I want to help you with your business’. My great stubborn streak got in the way and said ‘Oh no, people will come if they like what I do, I’m okay’.

Then one day I said,

‘Yes please help me understand this dreaded concept of actually marketing and what I have to do.’

She said, ‘start by taking photos, paste on social media, show people what you do’. At first I was reluctant and shy to show people what I actually do as a teacher, but then I saw these wonderful bodies and the yoga that consumed them, taught them and embraced them. I loved the art that my simple iPhone caught and how the yoga embellished them. I’m going to share some of my hand selected pieces and have a gallery night displaying the beauty I witness as an Iyengar Teacher.

These pictures will be able to be purchased on the night and will be elegantly framed in beautiful studio timber giving a sense of the studio. 20% of all income will be given to Gold Coast Families in need.

DATE: Coming Soon