A Thank You to my Teachers

I feel very fortunate that when I started practicing yoga 20 years ago, it was exactly that – yoga.  There was no marketing merchandise, no internet, no Facebook or Instagram and so on. It’s was purely yoga taught by an ageing teacher who you respected because of their knowledge, careful eye and their own steady long term progress.

The thought of yourself being a teacher was ludicrous and never discussed until you yourself gained long term steady progress. How fortunate I’ve been to experience this type of teacher-student relationship and the honest hours on the mat with each teacher.

I always choose extremely well with whom I wanted to study under, and never moved fleetingly from one to the other.  There was always on a steady path and each teacher had a style to which they developed under.

I’ve worked with the Iyengar Family, but my teachers worked with them for over 30 years, so I always had a cohesiveness to my practice, never doubting or confused.

I love how yoga has given me the tools to age and to assist in the process of getting old and with age comes diseases and change but with yoga I have great management tools.

I don’t feel I need to hide or change myself for anyone.  I can listen to my body and know it’s needs.

Thank you to all my steady teachers who have taught me the grace of yoga.

Simone Inns

Intermediate J1 Certified Iyengar Teacher

Owner Principal Chevron Yoga Centre