GROUND UP AND BACK AGAIN – A Smarter Way to look after your Hips and Shoulders

Ground Up and Back Again – ‘A smarter way to look after your Hips and Shoulders’ is a Specialist Workshop to empower students to develop greater confidence in their practice and to educate them with techniques and modifications to assist them in their daily practice.  Special needs will be addressed each session and individual remedial issues will be discussed as part of the daily workshop.

Initially, we will be looking at the feet and the impact to the Asana and their relationship to hips and shoulders.  We will discover how modifications of the feet and legs can adjust and give access to the difficulties in Asana and in particular to the hip and shoulder region.  This 5-part session over three days workshop is developed to give clearer and more specific mobilisation, strengthen and alleviate non-specific symptoms experienced by students.

Ground Up and Back Again – ‘A smarter way to look after your Hips and Shoulders’ Workshop will be strongly connected and linked by the Yama’s and Niyamas – the first two branches of Astanga Yoga of which these disciplines form the basis of our ethical practice.

We will be focusing on a group of Asanas over the five sessions; for example – standing poses, seated poses, forward extensions, twist and backbends and finally inversions. The Workshop will be covering modifications with the use of props and discussing personalised remedial alternatives.  Each session there will be 6 Key Elements we will reflect upon, they are:

  • Practice and develop insight and exploring different experiences
  • Understanding the relationship between what is fear and pain
  • Cultivating detachment and looking for clarity
  • Registering feedback systems to ensure a safe practice
  • Understanding Iyengar Yoga and the process of working with injuries
  • Students developing their own skills in recognising modifications needed       to suit their individual conditions or injuries.


20 September · 6-8pm
21 September · 8-11am and 12.30-3.30pm
22 September · 8-11am


*Early Bird Prior 15 September $220
*After 15 September $275.00
*Individual session $70 each

*(plus 2.5% Bank/Paypal fees for online payments)



About Simone Inns

Simone is the principal teacher, owner and founder of Chevron Yoga Centre, Gold Coast Australia. Involved with yoga since 1994, Simone Inns is an Iyengar Yoga Teacher and holds her Intermediate J2 Level. Since 2010, Simone has been travelling overseas to teach in Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal and New York. Simone has also participated as a guest teacher for National Festivals and International Publications.  She also runs regular specialty workshops both in Australia and Overseas.  Simone has been taught directly by all members of the Iyengar Family including B.KS Iyengar and every two years Simone travels to Pune, India to the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute where she attends all classes and participates in the daily remedial sessions.

Simone also has qualifications in Health and Nutrition, Social Welfare, Anatomy & Physiology.

‘My aim is that the student discovers themselves through this wonderful practice of Iyengar Yoga in a stress-free environment. The calmness, joy, self-love and intelligence I see in the growth of students keep me humble, and I am forever grateful to anyone that attends my classes’.

Simone is a partner, mother to two beautiful children, loves her animals especially the time with her horses, surfs and bush walks in her spare time.