2019 Term Registration

The Centre is going to make a few changes for 2019. Some of the regular classes are changing to 10-Week Terms. Currently, our Monday and Wednesday 6am classes run as Terms which requires a minimum of 4 participants to run the terms. Similarly, the 9am and 6pm Monday to Thursday and 5pm Monday Pranayama will also require you to register as a term. You can still use your Class Passes, but they are more expensive per class. Annuals are still available to use on all of the class timetable. If you miss your class as part of the term, you can make the class up in any classes between Monday and Thursday of that Term. Casual classes will run in between terms to which you can use your passes and they will not expire if this is the intended use of the pass. There are 4 terms per year, all are prepaid and booked. Each term will have a 10-week scheduled program. For the future of Chevron Yoga and your own development, we encourage all students to register for their class option as a Term. We all know that dedication and consistency are the key components to personal growth. The terms are priced extremely well to help you make a clear decision to exploring your yoga progress.

As of 14 January price changes.

10 Week Term $165 (Paid by dates outlined)
10 Class Pass $190
5 Class Pass $110
Casual $28
Annual $1950 (only 2 are granted for the year and have a 4 week extension)


10 Week Term start dates for January 2019 – January Terms must be registered either in the Centre or Online by 22 December.

Term Registration

Monday | 28 January 2019
6am Mixed Levels
9am Beginners
5pm Pranayama
6pm General

Tuesday | 29 January
9am Restorative

Wednesday | 30 January
6am Mixed Level
9am Mixed Level
6pm Beginners

Thursday | 31 January
9am Mixed Level

Term Early Bird: $165 on or before 10th January
Full price: $190

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